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LibreOffice is een krachtig officepakket; zijn duidelijke interface en krachtige functies bevorderen uw creativiteit en productiviteit. LibreOffice bundelt verschillende toepassingen, wat het het krachtigste vrije, open source officepakket maakt.

Vrije officesoftware

LibreOffice: het vrije officepakket dat boven de concurrenten uitsteekt.

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Een aantrekkelijk, leuk project

LibreOffice is een van de vriendelijkste en snelst groeiende projecten in de Vrije en Open source wereld.

Meer over ons en onze waarden.

Fantastische mensen

LibreOffice is meer dan alleen software. Het gaat over mensen, cultuur, creëren, delen en samenwerken.

Doe mee!

LibreOffice is vrije en opensource-software. De ontwikkeling staat open voor nieuw talent en ideeën. Onze software wordt dagelijks getest en gebruikt door een grote toegewijde gebruikersgemeenschap.

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Join the LibreOffice Team as a Development Mentor (m/f/d), 20-40h per week, remote (#202101-01)

The Document Foundation (TDF) is the non-profit entity behind the world’s leading open source office suite, LibreOffice. We are truly passionate about free software, the open source culture and about bringing new companies and people with fresh ideas into our community, especially as we are about to enter the second decade of our project. To […]

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New Year, New Calc Guide for Brazilians and Portuguese-speaking Users

(Translation from this post) 2020 was an terrible year. We started the year with the expectation of an intense activity in LibreOffice but we were caught by the worst pandemic in centuries. Nevertheless, doing nothing was not an option for our small team of Brazilians LibreOffice translators and Authors. Against adversity, we fought with the […]

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How to make a star with LibreOffice

Some time ago we asked the people how they use LibreOffice Draw. And while the expectation was that this module receives only low appreciation the opposite is true. LibreOffice Draw is used to create block diagrams for BPMN processes, mindmaps or technical drawings, to build complex vector drawing for network topology, electrical circuits, floor plans or UI mockups, as a desktop publishing tool to design posters, flyers, business cards, and as a tools to load PDFs for editing.…

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Built-in "Xray" like UNO object inspector – Part 1

When developing macros and extensions in LibreOffice it is very useful to have an object inspector. With that tool you inspect the object tree and the methods, properties and interfaces of individual objects to understand its structure. There are quite some different object inspectors available for LibreOffice as extension. Probably the best known is called “XrayTool”, but there were also others like MRI, which was build for a similar purpose and various other more simple […]

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