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LibreOffice is een krachtig officepakket; zijn duidelijke interface en krachtige functies bevorderen uw creativiteit en productiviteit. LibreOffice bundelt verschillende toepassingen, wat het het krachtigste vrije, open source officepakket maakt.

Vrije officesoftware

LibreOffice: het vrije officepakket dat boven de concurrenten uitsteekt.

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Een aantrekkelijk, leuk project

LibreOffice is een van de vriendelijkste en snelst groeiende projecten in de Vrije en Open source wereld.

Meer over ons en onze waarden.

Fantastische mensen

LibreOffice is meer dan alleen software. Het gaat over mensen, cultuur, creëren, delen en samenwerken.

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LibreOffice is vrije en opensource-software. De ontwikkeling staat open voor nieuw talent en ideeën. Onze software wordt dagelijks getest en gebruikt door een grote toegewijde gebruikersgemeenschap.

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Surpassed the 40,000 closed bugs milestone

As Tommy kindly mentioned on the QA mailing list, this week the LibreOffice project has surpassed the 40,000 resolved bugs milestone – a huge achievement demonstrating the enormous amount of effort the community puts into software quality. If we take a look at the numbers from August 2016 (the month we started to collect data from Bugzilla) up to […]

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Meeting the Taiwanese community

I have just visited Taiwan to attend COSCUP, meet representatives of the Taiwanese government and the local community, and run a certification session. Generally speaking, it was a very positive trip, because I was able to get a grasp of the activities at every level. Taiwan is definitely one of the strongholds of The Document Foundation.…

The post Meeting the Taiwanese community[…]

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Upgrade To Leap 42.3

I upgradet my notebook to openSuSE Leap 42.3 with zypper dup and everything went well. It took only a relatively short time in comparison with an upgrade of MS Windows and I had not to restart my box several times. The upgrade needed only some edits to the software repositories that I used for the … „Upgrade To Leap 42.3“ weiterlesen

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Small Wireless Accesspoint Server

I added a new wireless network card to a small pc and updated it to the current OpenSuSE Leap 42.3 Linux. I want to use this box for showing people some free software at work. They should also be able to connect their devices via wireless net to the small pc and get their hands … „Small Wireless Accesspoint Server“ weiterlesen

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