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LibreOffice is een krachtig officepakket; zijn duidelijke interface en krachtige functies bevorderen uw creativiteit en productiviteit. LibreOffice bundelt verschillende toepassingen, wat het het krachtigste vrije, open source officepakket maakt.

Vrije officesoftware

LibreOffice: het vrije officepakket dat boven de concurrenten uitsteekt.

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Een aantrekkelijk, leuk project

LibreOffice is een van de vriendelijkste en snelst groeiende projecten in de Vrije en Open source wereld.

Meer over ons en onze waarden.

Fantastische mensen

LibreOffice is meer dan alleen software. Het gaat over mensen, cultuur, creëren, delen en samenwerken.

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LibreOffice is vrije en opensource-software. De ontwikkeling staat open voor nieuw talent en ideeën. Onze software wordt dagelijks getest en gebruikt door een grote toegewijde gebruikersgemeenschap.

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Marketing & PR at TDF in the second half of 2016

In terms of marketing and PR, a large free software project is quite similar to a large corporation. In fact, activities are following each other without interruption: major and minor product announcements, global events and local events, community fostering projects, and day to day activities (such as working with journalists).

In addition, there are the so called back […]

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LibreOffice contributor interview: Hazel Russman

A new year begins, and we kick off with our first LibreOffice contributor interview of 2017. This time we’re talking to Hazel Russman who helps out with documentation and translations…

Where do you live, and are you active on social media?

I’m British and live in North London. I don’t do social media but I have a web page at

Do you work for a LibreOffice-related compa[…]

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Firebird bug CORE-5452 is fixed : Segfault when engine's dynamic library is unloaded right after closing worker threads

Firebird bug CORE-5452 is fixed The issue was reported multiple times in Firebird devel list, I will mention here Damyan Ivanov (Debian) and Stephan Bergmann. (RedHat) And related commit in Firebird 3.0 branch Stephan Bergmann contributed the patch to

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Hack-(rest-of-the)-week at Collabora

As mentioned in the blog post of Mike already, last month we were allowed to hack on anything we want in LibreOffice for a few days. I used this time to progress with 3 different topics.

Stepping through TextBoxes using the keyboard

Given that a Writer shape with a TextBox is internally two shapes, this needed explicit support. After my

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